Bridging Cultures to Create a New Sound


Candy and Eric come from two different worlds; Eric from the small Northern California town Redding, and Candace from the island of Trinidad and Tobago. As fate would have it, the two met in a musical space, at a concert, and instantly realized that they spoke the same language.

Their partnership grew from that point, in a unique and powerful direction that neither would have predicted. The pair married in 2015, and embarked on a journey deep within the realms beyond culture and language. In 2018 they began a project called "THE PACES", as an outlet for their musical collaborations. This resulted in their debut album "Parfait" which features 21 songs produced and written entirely by the duo. THE PACES Sophomore album, titled "S.P.T" was released in 2020 and features all original music and production.

In 2021 "THE PACES" were featured on episode 3 of the radiolab podcast series "THE VANISHING OF HARRY PACE"; A podcast about Eric's great-grandfather.

THE PACES mission is to bridge cultures through music, and bring people together in the spirit of love. So please join us. THE PACES



written and produced by Candy and Eric